Pulp regeneration

An advanced endodontic procedure


When an immature tooth suffers root damage, a safe, state-of-the-art treatment called pulp regeneration is a procedure we offer at Upper East Side Endodontists in NYC to regenerate the tooth’s natural tissue.  This procedure allows the root to continue to grow. Studies show that even immature teeth that are considered “dead” are capable of regenerating pulp-like tissues that promote root development.

How is pulp regeneration different than a root canal?

Many compare pulp regeneration to a root canal, but while conventional root canal treatment involves cleaning and filling the pulp chamber with material after destruction of bacteria, pulp regeneration instead replaces the live tissue in the pulp chamber. If the procedure is successful, it can actually remove the need for a root canal.

What is involved in the pulp regeneration procedure?

In pulp regeneration, the endodontist will use stem cells derived from your child’s own pulp or bone marrow combined with nanofiber-based material to create the platform upon which the tooth can regenerate. The platform also allows the controlled delivery of antibiotics to help eliminate infection and promote controlled release of growth factors to stimulate pulp regeneration.

After the procedure, several follow-up visits with your child’s endodontist will be needed to monitor the tooth for recovery and possible infection.

What if my child has dental phobia or special needs?

If your child has anxiety about going to the dentist, or has special needs, sedation dentistry is a proven, effective, and safe procedure we offer at Upper East Side Endodontists to help ensure your child receives the endodontic treatment he or she needs to provide excellent oral health for years to come.

For your added peace-of-mind, we have a board-certified pediatric anesthesiologist on staff who will discuss with you the safest sedation options for your child.

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