Why See An Endodontist?

When a specialist in root canal treatment and other endodontic procedures is needed to save and restore a patient’s natural tooth.


Just like an internist or family doctor will refer patients to a specialist when need be, a family dentist will commonly refer their patients to an endodontist when necessary. An endodontist is a specialist who offers several procedures that require specialized training, including:

  • Root canal treatment
  • Root canal re-treatment
  • Vital pulp therapy
  • Apicoectomy or endodontic microsurgery
  • Treatment for cracked teeth and traumatic injuries.

While there is some overlap between endodontists and dentists, endodontists are specialists in the dental pulp and nerves of the teeth. In addition to earning a dental degree that family dentists also have, endodontists complete at least two additional years of specialized, post-doctoral training to perform a wide variety of complex endodontic procedures to treat and save a patient’s natural teeth.

Along with their advanced training in endodontic procedures, endodontists are also trained to utilize advanced technology that make a patient’s care more efficient, safe and comfortable. These state-of-the-art instruments include the dental operating surgical microscope, advanced equipment, and 3D CBCT imaging (cone beam computed tomography).

Upper East Side Endodontists in NYC also offers the services of a board-certified anesthesiologist to provide state-of-the-art sedation dentistry for your comfort and peace-of-mind. At Upper East Side Endodontists, we also specialize in managing pediatric patients of all ages.

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